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Drive Out Cancer DownTown Augusta, Maine (ME)

Ladies & Gentlemen, boys and girls, we would like to present to you the Great Whatever Week Drive Out Cancer Event! Hosted by Team Hallowell of Belgrade, Maine (ME)!

Patrick-Dempsey-Address-Dempsey-ChallengeThis is a limited event and we only have 70 tickets. You can purchase your ticket during the event at Waterfront West in DownTown Augusta, Maine. Let’s get it on!

This is a Team Hallowell Independent Fundraising Event for the Dempsey Challenge. Have some fun with us and do some good stuff all the while.

Dempsey Challenge IFEOutline of the 2013 Drive Out Cancer Event:

  • Arrive at Team Hallowell’s booth on the West Side of the Kennebec River on the following Wednesdays: 17, 24, 31 and the 7th from 4-7 pm. Buy your ticket to win a MAZDA 6!
  • Buy a ticket on site and submit your ticket at Team Hallowell’s station and they’ll get you set up to make your attempt which is to drive your golf ball 200 yards to the opposite side of the Kennebec River. If your golf ball lands on the East Side of the River, in the hole, in one attempt, you win a MAZDA 6!
  • Set up on our green, next to Team Hallowell’s station, situated on the waterfront on the West Side, and get ready for the time of your life!
  • Go down in Augusta’s history as a HERO who made a great contribution to cancer hope & healing!
  • If you’re really lucky, you may drive off in your brand new MAZDA 6!

It’s pretty simple really. You show up and buy a chance to whack your ball over the river into a hole at the East Side Landing, get a hole in one and you are now the hero who owns a MAZDA 6! The funds generated from this event will go to benefit the Dempsey Challenge and Patrick Dempsey Center for Cancer Hope & Healing.

We hear that some of our friends from the Dempsey Challenge are going to be in town offering support for this event! They’ll have many PRIZES and other FREE stuff to help commemorate the event.

Map of the Drive Out Cancer Event (dates are inaccurate on map)

Watch the ||  Official Drive Out Cancer Video!  ||

Photos of your attempt will be available for purchase after the event. Keep an eye out here for that info.



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