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Team Hallowell Completes Dempsey Day of Cycling

Team Hallowell completes a day of cycling in the 2013 Dempsey Challenge – Team Hallowell, now 30 members strong, rolls through its first year with 8 cyclists on board!

The day started out a little chilly with many cyclists lining the 100, 70, 50, 25, mile stagin areas. The singing of the National Anthem on this misty morning had bikers removing their helmets.

Rest stops were well stocked with energy!!! Not just the cliff bars, gummy bears, piles of fruit, water, gatorade, and other handy items, but, the raging staff of volunteers dancing  in synchronicity to the thumping music; all of it was Awesome!

Traffic was well managed and the road was inspiring!

Once the event began, it was all about business, mostly.

Team Hallowell had photographers out on the road in key turning areas so if you were on the road on the 13th there is a good chance you’ll be in some of these photos! Please enjoy this photo essay by Cathering Carey of JJC Photographic! Thanks Cathy!

50 miles of challenge


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