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Valentine’s Benefit Dance Team Hallowell

Valentine’s Benefit Dance – Team Hallowell Feb 8th, 2014


Team Hallowell is already twenty members strong for 2014 and steadily growing! In its third year, Team Hallowell intends to have more fun, raise more money, and host more events! And the kicker here is that it’s ALL for a great cause! The Patrick Dempsey Center for Cancer Hope & Healing

Judy Damren Hallowell, of the Belgrade, Maine area, invites you and your loved ones to the Winslow VFW for Team Hallowell’s annual Valentine’s Dance!

Judy, the team’s founder and coordinator, says ¬†she hopes to see you there!

Dempsey tidbits

We visited Lewiston, Maine this morning to take a look at the new hotel going up right next to the Dempsey Challenge staging area. The tour of the hotel was guided by none other than Norman Beaudoin, proud Team Hallowell member 2013! Maybe the hotel willl be ready for Dempsey Challenge 2014!


Every time you download Judy’s Song, Jason J Carey makes a personal contribution to Team Hallowell. Just to give you an idea, it’s very simple to share this with your friends and friend’s friends. Enjoy the song and thanks for spreading the good news!!!

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*buy the entire album for a $1 contribution and the single $.25

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